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Set Top Box (STB) Service Solutions

Teleplan’s global Set Top Box solutions have helped our customers for over 20 years to drive efficiencies across the complete after-market service chain. Our end-to-end services  range from repair avoidance, to reverse logistics, repair and recycling. With our advanced testing solutions that are deployed both at customer sites as in Teleplan’s Set Top Box hubs we avoid repairs and contribute to our customers efficiency. We work hard on building great relationships and understanding of our customer’s business processes in order to find and deploy innovative end to end solutions that enable our customers to focus on their core business.

Today’s broadband ever changing technologies require our customers to build flexible and cost efficient solutions that enable minimal turnaround times of equipment while providing excellent customer care. Teleplan has been building those solutions for many years for all voice, video and data equipment. We handle the lifecycle care for RF, Satellite and IP Set-tops, DOCSIS cable modems, eMTAs and all other directly related networking equipment. We have customizable Hub solutions that include state of the art testers from where we drive repair avoidance solutions and manage the complex logistics and repair of Set Top Boxes.

Delivering Results

Having handled in excess of five million units, has given us the experience and know-how to design and deliver logistic processes that truly add value for our customers.

Set Top Box Tester StormTest Decision Line is a mature 16-port tester. With an asynchronous load, test, and unload capability allowing for the greatest possible slot-usage efficiency.High-quality cables are bundled for clean organization, attached individually for complete flexibility and placement of models in slots.HDD functional test (record, playback) and the clearing of recorded programs are standard steps. The audio/video tests use a custom dynamic test stream to verify full-spectrum color and image quality (including detection of macro-blocking and other such video anomalies) on both tuners, and all outputs.
  • 16 Slots Testing Simultaneously
    asynchronous load, run, unload.
  • Tester automatically recognizes model.
  • Front Touch screen indicates 
    Pass / Fail / Running / Empty and Mosaic activity of all slots simultaneously.
  • Wireless handheld scanners,
    GUI touchscreen master control panel, and a time-tested software control engine provide for extreme ease of use and simplicity of operation.
  • Test cable harnesses
    are ready to go and color coded to avoid cross connection.
  • Detailed screen testing
    can be viewed from either side.
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Range of Services

Range of Products Supported
  • Level 1-4 Repair
  • Performance Upgrades, Reallocation, Clean & Screen
  • Logistics and Asset Disposal Services
  • ECO & ECN Repair & Reworks
  • Electronic Data Exchange
  • Custom Reporting Asset Tracking
  • Value Added Training
  • Software Upgrades
  • Onsite Testing and Screening Services
  • Set Top Box Tester
  • Tele-made
  • Set Top Box Receivers
  • Satellite Receivers
  • IP Receivers
  • Terrestrial Receivers
  • Modems
  • eMTAs
  • Wireless Routers
  • Supply Chain Management

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