Teleplan and Nexlink Communications join Device Renewal Forum as founding members

Nine Companies Lead a New Ecosystem Giving Operators, Device Vendors and End Users a “Gold Standard” for Refurbished Smartphones, Feature Phones and Tablets

Costa Mesa, California — July 23, 2012 Teleplan International and Nexlink Communications today became the newest founding members of the Device Renewal Forum (DRF), which is creating a global, industry-standard framework for refurbished mobile devices. The DRF’s goal is to provide the best practices, auditing safeguards and certification marks necessary to grow the market for renewed devices.drf-2-130×130

More than 1.68 billion smartphones, feature phones, tablets, modems and other wireless devices are produced each year, but less than 1 percent are refurbished annually, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. That means 99 percent of all mobile devices eventually wind up in landfills, junk boxes and desk drawers.

The DRF will enable a significantly higher renewal rate by creating a certification program whose logo assures consumers and business users that a renewed device has the latest software and firmware and passed a rigorous set of quality checks. The DRF also will develop standards to identify stolen devices and ensure that renewed devices have been wiped clean of the previous owner’s private information and content.

Teleplan and Nexlink enable that mission by providing expertise in specialties such as returns management, logistic, customer care, remanufacturing, distribution and recycling. Both companies also have extensive relationships with agents, vendors and operators in many of the world’s largest mobile markets: Nexlink in North America and Teleplan in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.

With the addition of Nexlink and Teleplan, the DRF now has nine founding and sponsor members: Brightstar, the CDMA Development Group (CDG), eRecycling Corps, ModusLink Global Solutions, ReCellular, Sprint and ValuTech Outsourcing.

“Teleplan is among the pioneers in the information technology (IT) industry that offer after-market services (incl. repair and reverse logistics) that are more efficient, quicker and cost-effective than what OEMs can do themselves,” said CEO and president of Teleplan, Gotthard Haug. “We view the DRF as an ideal way to grow the market for renewed devices by addressing end user, operator and vendors concerns such as quality, privacy, security, theft and the environment.”

“As a result of the amazing popularity of high-end remanufactured wireless devices our customers’ quality expectation are higher than ever,” said Jeff Messano, president of Nexlink Communications. “We are extremely pleased to be a member of DRF and are encouraged by their mission to establish a gold standard for refurbished wireless devices so we can continue to exceed our customers’ quality expectations.”

“Teleplan and Nexlink are pioneers and leaders in refurbishment, making them ideal DRF partners,” said Perry LaForge, DRF chairman. “Their expertise and relationships with premium agents and other ecosystem members will be vital for making renewed devices a viable option for every consumer and business user. Teleplan also will play an important role in the DRF’s further expansion into the European market.”

The Device Renewal Forum is open to companies and organizations worldwide that want to make a positive and significant impact on the environment and future of the wireless industry. DRF anticipates support from wireless service providers, device OEMs, collectors, distributors, trade-in resellers, retailers and government agencies that share common goals on device recycling.

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