Sky Italia Extends its use of S3 Group’s StormTest® and Teleplan’s After Market Supply Chain services

IBC 2012, AMSTERDAM – September 10, 2012 – S3 Group, an international digital TV company that enables operators and programmers to accelerate the end-to-end delivery of multiscreen TV, and Teleplan, the global after-market service leader for electronic companies, today announced that Sky Italia has extended their after-market supply chain services relationship with Teleplan to include automated Set top Box testing and screening using S3 Group’s StormTest Decision Line.
Teleplan already provide Testing, Repair, Refurbishment and spare parts management services to Sky Italia. Introduction of automated screening will enable the Teleplan solution to detect if Set top boxes need to be repaired at the beginning of the service chain, ensuring maximum efficiency and reduced inventory needs.

Research conducted by S3 Group has shown that StormTest Decision Line can catch up to eight percent more faulty boxes than would be found by purely manual testing during device screening which results in massive operational cost savings and increased quality of outcome. As discussed in a recent whitepaper from S3 Group, StormTest Decision Line was developed specifically to deliver high quality industrial grade automated STB screening.

“We are delighted that Teleplan’s end to end solutions are helping Sky Italia drive efficiency and cost savings while at the same time supporting Sky Italia’s commitment to the environment. We highly value our expanding relationship with Sky Italia and are committed to finding innovative new ways to help them.” said Patrick Ring, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Teleplan.

“We are delighted that Sky Italia has extended their use of the StormTest platform into their STB screening process and we look forward to working closely with Teleplan to help deploy it successfully. As well as the immediate efficiency benefits of automated device screening, we believe that by having a common test automation platform in use in engineering, where new devices are designed, and in the supply chain, where devices are tested prior to re-issue to the field, Sky Italia will be able to gather important data to feed into their quality improvement initiatives.” said John Maguire, Director of Product Strategy, S3 Group.

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