Teleplan enables OEMs and Operators to increase their Net Promoter Score through a dynamic site portfolio locating service points closer to the end consumers and business customers

On November 7th 2013, Teleplan officially opened a new U.S. plant in the North East enabling connectivity to 94% of the US population within less than 48 hours by ground.

Amsterdam (NL)/Harrisburg (US), 07 November 2013. The new 200.000 square feet facility located in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania started operations on June 3rd initially providing integrated aftermarket services for notebook computers which will be expanded to include mobile and networking devices and set top boxes. State Representative Glen Grell, Al Bienstock, President of the Hampden Township Board of Commissioners and John Thomas, Vice President of the Hampden Township Board of Commissioners, have participated in today’s opening ceremony held by Teleplan’s Chief Executive Officer Gotthard Haug and regional & local Teleplan Management.

“Our new Harrisburg location on the East Coast – combined with our other locations in Dallas (TX) and Roseville (CA) will enable us to reach 94% of U.S. consumers in less than 2 days via ground” commented Gotthard Haug, CEO at Teleplan. “Strategically, this latest site will now allow our clients to better support their East Coast customers – as well as access to support the majority of Canada’s population”.

Teleplan conducted an in-depth analysis of aftermarket services needs which looked at consumer demands and challenges while consulting with its large customer base. They were working to determine the current challenges of Total Cost of Ownership while solving the Consumer Dynamic of faster turnaround time. This in essence resulted in the multi-site solution which Teleplan has implemented to support North America, Mexico and LATAM. Dr. Hau Lee, (Thoma Professor of Operations, Information and Technology at Stanford University), commenting on the North American solution, stated, “this solution really benefits consumers as it facilitates much greater customer satisfaction and closer to consumer solutions as an alternative to lower cost cross-border solutions
which tend to have a longer cycle time. And it now provides multiple options so as to find the best balance between client satisfaction and Total Cost of Ownership”.
The new Teleplan Harrisburg facility affords their customers exciting opportunities for customized, cost effective solutions focusing on attaining the right balance between Total Cost of Ownership and delivering quality services faster. Teleplan’s unique footprint offering add up to create a great platform upon which to increase our customer’s Net Promoter Scores and through an enhanced customer experience. Furthermore, Gotthard Haug, CEO at Teleplan added “Teleplan also seeks to build upon the success of this new plant opening and aspires to increase job opportunities in the local Harrisburg area for talented people to join our growing talented team as we attract additional customers”.

“Telepan has discovered something we’ve known all along, that the Harrisburg/Captial Region is one of the most affordable and centrally-located places on the East Coast to do business,” said State Rep. Glen Grell (R-Cumberland). “We are delighted to have Teleplan join our local economy, bringing with them new career opportunities for area residents.”

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