Teleplan launches new innovation centre to improve speed, efficiency and reduce costs associated with electronic device test solutions

First test solution from cutting edge R&D facility reduces device testing times by more than 80 percent

Schiphol (Amsterdam) / the Netherlands 27 February 2014 – Teleplan, one of the top global integrated end-to-end aftermarket service solution providers, has opened a new innovation centre in Tallinn, Estonia. Focused on developing unique portable solutions to improve the speed and efficiency with which Teleplan can diagnose and test electronic devices for its customers at locations across the globe. The innovation centre includes a core team of 11 engineers, each of whom are subject matter experts. The latest product to be developed at the centre is a fully automated test solution for various elements of radio base station technologies (RBS) which has enabled the reduction of testing time to around 30 minutes, a significant time saving on the six hour norm.

“We’ve always had a strong track-record of investing in R&D to innovate and improve our services, but previously we only had expert engineers dispersed in different locations. We took the decision to create an innovation centre that could bring a talent pool of that expertise, skills and creative thinking together in one stand-out location” said Gotthard Haug, CEO at Teleplan. “The team has a wealth of knowledge and experience, in particular across automation and robotics in multiple technologies. We’re very excited about the solutions that are already coming out of the centre and the ideas for future products.”

Drawing on their reverse engineering skills in GSM/WCDMA RAN technologies including PAs, Rectifiers and RF products, the engineering team has already developed a unique fully automated test solution for Radio Base Stations (RBS), which has reduced testing time by more than 80 percent. The solution has a user friendly interface and delivers comprehensive documentation and reporting.

One of the first customers to benefit from this test solution is one of the world’s leading mobile infrastructure companies with a solution in Indonesia. The solution from Teleplan means that for the first time, the company is able to keep the units in Indonesia and service the various elements in the RBS nodes much faster, saving up to several weeks in the testing process. Furthermore, disruptions to the in-country network infrastructure are further mitigated.

As well as developing solutions to improve testing for communications network devices, the innovation centre is also focused on developing market leading technical solutions to support the after sales processes for mobiles and other electronic devices in established and growing markets.

“There are now more than 6 billion connected devices globally. The volume and variety of makes and models of connected devices, from PCs, tablets, set-top boxes, smart phones, smart watches and even smart vehicles continues to grow. Network operators are continuing to build networks that support the increased demand for seamless connectivity with new LTE nodes being deployed.

The increased service levels being offered by Mobile Operators will imply a higher quality of service demand from its infrastructure suppliers in both hardware supply but also software support. For manufacturers, service providers, retailers and insurers finding a trusted partner that can provide the same high quality after-market services for this breadth of devices anywhere in the world is a challenge. At Teleplan, we are committed to being able to support our customers now, and in the future as the range and diversity of products continues to grow. Our investment in the new innovation centre will enable us to continue to help our customers by introducing new solutions to improve the speed and efficiency of our services. By reducing the time and cost to repair we are making it easier for them to deliver better service experiences for their customers”, finished Gotthard Haug.

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