Spotlight: Revolution: Smartphone testing in under 5 minutes

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A fully-automated brand agnostic smartphone tester

Revolution is a fully-automated smartphone tester providing consistent, reliable and accurate full functional testing for the majority of smartphone brands, reducing test times by up to 70%.

Revolution conducts all the standard testing expected by the industry and provides high quality repeatable functional testing. A robotic arm provides tactile test capability of the smartphone buttons and touch screen on site. Revolution also allows for the RF antenna to be tested as part of a defined test sequence.

By fully automating the testing process for smartphones, Revolution reduces testing time by up to five minutes, leading to a reduction in labour costs, cutting processing times and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Revolution is a portable test device in that it can be installed in any location or hub as part of a test or repair solution.

Full Failure Analysis and Validation Reporting are some of the many features of the new Revolution tester.

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  • Full function test (including: RF, wifi, bluetooth, camera in compliance to DRF standards)
  • Multi-brand capable
  • Execution of multiple tests in a single platform
  • Data erasure
  • Tactile test
  • Repeatability
  • GSM & CDMA technologies supported
  • Test reporting capability
  • Test verification report


  • Secure and consistent quality
  • Multi O/S capable
  • Failure analysis
  • Easy load, short cycle time, labour saving
  • Reduction of testing time by up to 70%
  • Immediate feedback

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Technical Specification

Machine dimensions (L x D x H): 468 x 508 x 831 mm (18.43” x 20.00” x 32.72”) closed
Opened height: 1191mm (47″)
Required space around the unit when in use: Sides 100mm (4″), Front and back 100mm, Weight 75kg
Electrics: Supply Voltage 100-230 VAC/50-60Hz
Power consumption: 0.3 kVA/max
Power consumption: 0.2 kVA/avg
Pneumatics: Supply Pressure 6 bar
Air consumption: 20 l/min
Noise level at the workstation: Sound pressure level (LAeq, 15 min) Lower than 70 dB(A)
Surroundings: Ambient Temperature <+30 ºC
Max DUT product size (L x D x H): 100 x 150 x 90 mm (3.94” x 5.91” x 3.54”) Weight: 70 kg (154 lb)
Capacity per hour: 25-30
RF chamber attenuation: up to 30 dB
Key robot work area: 180 x 180 mm (7.09“ x 7.09“).
Camera visibility area (varies on camera type): 186 x 155 mm (7.32“ x 6.10“).
Max key robot finger press force: 50N
RF connector quantity: 5 pcs
Control Connectors: USB, Ethernet
Adapter change time: < 1 minute
Workbench required: Yes

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