Spotlight: Teleplan full function testing, soft repair and data wipe for Hard Disk Drives

Proteus Kit (LR)

Proteus is the 2nd generation HDD tester designed and operated by Teleplan. Versatile in its functionality Proteus can perform a number of functions in addition to traditional testing.

Available in 4, 8 and 32 cell variances, Proteus’s flexibility allows it to be adapted for all consumer requirements. It’s ease of use and simple connection allows Proteus to be operated with minimal training and supervision.

Each test cell within Proteus runs independently of the others maximising test capabilities and allowing multiple tests to run concurrently. With multiple reporting options available, data can be provided in the form of a certificate or via online portal as part of a validation process and along with other data collection options available.

Proteus can be integrated to be used as part of a wider high volume asset recovery or data deletion solution. Its data wipe standard level complies with Infosec Standard 5 and can be configured to accomodate other recognised international standards.

Download our Proteus leaflet (PDF format)


  • No fault found test
  • Data wipe
  • Imaging
  • Soft repair
  • Reliability test
  • Product evaluation/qualification
  • Cloning, intelligent cloning
  • OS Restore
  • Multiple test selection option
  • Independent test start and stop facility
  • Test case customization
  • Simple user friendly operation and simple connection
  • Web based and local reporting options available
  • SAS, SATA and legacy options available
  • SSD capabilities
  • High uptime maintained


  • Repeatability of test ensures consistency
  • Eliminates need for multiple test stations
  • Significant labour processing time savings
  • Execution of multiple tests in a single platform
  • High levels of operational process flexibility
  • Cost savings versus comparable solutions
  • In house software development/support

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Technical Specification

Machine dimensions (L x D x H)mm: 545 x 450 x 615
PC dimensions: (Lx D x H)mm: 205 x 480 x 460
Machine Weight: 45kg
PC Weight: 11.5kg
Power consumption idle: 250VA
Power consumption (typical 32 cell): 650VA
Power Consumption max: 1800VA
Noise level at the workstation: 60-80 dB
Capacity per hour (typical HDD transfer rate, actual product throughput depends on the test requirements and HDD Capacity): 300GB/Hour/Cell
Required space around unit: Front & rear air flow. Maintenance access
Workbench required: Yes
Data Throughput: Up to 6G/bit
HDD Power O/P: 5v ± 0.02v 12v ± 0.02v
Voltage Margin O/P: 4.75v ± 0.05v 5.25v ± 0.05v 11.4v ± 0.05v 12.6v ± 0.05v
Duty Cycle: 24/7 Operation
PC Specification: 8 Core AMD FX Processor 2GB RAM 500GB HDD Scientific Linux OS

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