Teleplan strengthens global sales channels for quality refurbished Hard Disk Drive products

Teleplan supports international markets with high quality refurbished hard disk drive (HDD) products, as well as working directly for leading global HDD OEMs which sell over 550 million units per year.

Schiphol (Amsterdam), the Netherlands, 9 October 2014 – Teleplan International N.V., the leading global provider of high-tech after-market services for the computer, communications and consumer electronics industries, is today announcing a partnership with OneTS B.V. to strengthen its global sales channels for refurbished Hard Disk Drive (HDD) products.

OneTS B.V. was established by Solid Storage Solutions B.V. founder Paul Church with the aim of developing longer-term relationships with key partners and focussing solely on the refurbished market. OneTS will be the principal sales channel for the majority of Teleplan’s refurbished HDD products. The refurbished HDD market continues to grow with a strong global demand for refurbished product that has been thoroughly tested to a high standard with an estimated 80% going to emerging markets. This high standard provides buyers with the all-important quality assurance they require.

Teleplan has developed world-class test solutions, the latest of which for HDDs is Proteus. This test solution enables repeatable full functional product testing, providing the HDD product with a known quality standard. Proteus can also perform soft repair of bad sectors, apply overwrite patterns and carry out data wipes to Infosec Standard 5 or higher if required.

Teleplan CEO Gotthard Haug comments: “The return device market presents a significant challenge for manufacturers and operators. It’s not unusual to encounter businesses that have stacks of used product, especially HDDs, which they don’t have the resources to repurpose effectively. This new partnership will combine the capabilities of OneTS’ sales expertise with our technical know-how and ability to supply high quality HDDs. We are confident that this will provide an exciting and competitive proposition to the global refurbished HDD market which we estimate trades over 50 million units each year. Leveraging Teleplan’s global presence, international buyers can purchase HDDs in their region, saving on logistics costs and delivery times.”

Over 15 years, Teleplan has built up a solid reputation for procuring, refurbishing and supplying reliable, high quality HDD products. It achieves this through its team of experienced product engineers who ensure all HDDs are handled and tested properly.

Teleplan delivers a number of asset recovery related services across different technologies that help to extend product lifecycles, ultimately reducing landfill waste and giving customers more options.


Teleplan International N.V.
Monika Collée
Corporate Director of Corporate Communications
Tel.: + 31 85 273 3681

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