Spotlight: Our Asset Recovery solution for HDDs provides maximum value to you and includes sell and buy-side options

Teleplan is an industry leader in the HDD Asset Recovery market. We breathe new life into products achieving lifecycle continuation through checking the condition and testing the functionality of unwanted products from primary markets. We then refurbish them as necessary and connect them with other markets in our global marketplace for resale and onward consumption creating value for all parties.

Proteus Companies with excess or unwanted HDD stock to sell, can be assured of data security through our innovative class leading data wipe solution Proteus which can be configured to many different requirements from single wipe through to industry recognized multi-wipe standards. We can provide full reporting validation of our data wipe through online portals or certification should it be required. At Teleplan we pay competitive prices to build mutually trusting, long term relationships.

Companies looking to buy HDDs from Teleplan can purchase either White Label (factory returned Hard Disk Drives, tested and data-wiped to stringent white label industry standards with no OEM identification) or refurbished out of warranty HDDs (tested and refurbished and sold in “As-is” condition as HDD OEM standards). Teleplan can supply many form factors across multiple capacities such as 160Gb, 250Gb, 500Gb, 1Tb and beyond.

Our white Label drives are tested for read and write performance across the full media whilst smart logs and user data are cleared and reset. OEM labels are removed and any electronic identification removed. We have the capability for personalization of bespoke branding and packaging requirements for customers with larger consistent volumes.

Our refurbished drives do not have their SMART logs cleared in order to retain visibility of their true lifespan expectancy. The drives are fully data-wiped and a final random blank check is carried out. You can be assured of the highest quality products equivalent to OEM standards.

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