Teleplan expands service portfolio to include wearables

Schiphol (Amsterdam), the Netherlands, 02 December 2015 Teleplan International – one of the top global integrated end-to-end aftermarket service solution providers – today announced that it will be expanding it’s after market services capabilities to encompass wearable devices.

With 32 years’ experience servicing a variety of technologies and electronic devices, from smartphones to routers, and 18 million devices handled annually, the addition of wearables to Teleplan’s list of serviceable devices is a direct reflection of the growing number of these devices entering the marketplace.

Industry analysts IDC predict that worldwide shipments of smart watches will reach 126.1 million units by 2019. Additionally, demand for VR headset shipments are predicted to create a $2.8 billion hardware market by 2020, up from an estimated $37 million in 2015. This growth is fueled by gaming on both, mobile and console devices, as well as streaming content, shopping, training and education.

“A large number of our mobile OEM clients either already have, or plan to have, wearable devices as part of their connected devices portfolios. Some of these products are being distributed by mobile operators, as an accessory to smartphones and many of these devices are ‘covered’ by both the manufacturer’s warranty and extended warranty policies provided by some of our insurance clients,” commented Sven Boddington, Vice President Global Marketing & Client Solutions at Teleplan International.

Boddington continued, “At Teleplan we are constantly innovating to stay at the cutting edge of the after market services industry, by adapting and – where possible – anticipating the next technologies to come on the market so that we can continue to deliver the best service possible to our customers. Our Innovation Center in Tallinn together with the global engineering team are hard at work getting ahead of the curve, understanding the ins and outs of newly launched devices and technologies and learning from our customers.”

Adding wearables to Teleplan’s list of serviceable devices is a natural progression for the company and fits well into our chosen 3C markets of Communications, Computer and Consumer Electronics. With many technologies and components used in wearables similar to those used across many other consumer electronics devices, such as LCD displays and connections for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and radio frequencies, many of the skills of Teleplan’s expert service center teams are fit for purpose to manage the refurbishment and repair of wearable devices. Additionally, parts can also be recovered and harvested across its product portfolio, adding value and extending product lifecycles at all times.

“We are excited to be at the forefront of this huge growth area of consumer electronics as more products hit the shelves and people receive an influx of FitBits, Apple and Android smartwatches, GoPro cameras and VR headsets from the likes of Oculus Rift, Samsung, HTC and Sony this Christmas. We have a proven track record of delivering visibility and control of inventory with over 99% accuracy and contribute to strong customer satisfaction with over 97% on-time delivery and we are looking forward to extending this to wearables as well,” concluded Boddington.

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Teleplan International N.V. is an industry leader in lifecycle care for after-market service, operating in the areas of Computers, Communications and Consumer Electronics. Focussing on Customer Care, Managed Logistics, Parts Management, Screening & Testing, Repair/Refurbish and Resell/Recycle, Teleplan have over 30 years of proven performance providing value propositions throughout the supply chain from the point of purchase to the end of life. Teleplan innovate to consistently keep up with the advances in interactive connectivity and communication and our Telemade approach tailors to each individual customer’s needs. Headquartered in Amsterdam/Schiphol, the Netherlands, Teleplan’s service centers have a global reach of over 95 countries and employ over 5000 people.

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