nesT Bolsters Ground-breaking Test and Repair Capability

Schiphol (Amsterdam) / the Netherlands 16 February 2016 – Teleplan, one of the top global end-to-end after-market service solution providers, has today launched nesT, an intelligent multi-brand smartphone initialisation station, as part of its Revolution Ecosystem Platform for the after sales services market.

Capable of servicing 28 devices at any one time, from multiple operating systems, nesT is a fully integrated mobile after-market services solution which is the first station in the mobile refurbishment cycle to ensure smartphones are ready for testing and onward disposition  (repair, refurbishment, same unit return, swap, resell or recycle) which will ensure lifecycle value is optimised. Before any device entering the reverse supply chain can be tested for faults it needs to have a full data wipe, battery health check, charge and be updated with the  latest operating system, something which traditionally has all been done manually. Teleplan’s new nesT platform will automate this entire process, charging devices up to four times faster than normal charging speeds, performing a full data wipe according to manufacturer deletion standards and making all necessary software updates.

“By 2020 it’s expected that there will be 6.1 billion smartphones in circulation worldwide. Despite not being at this point yet, consumer desire to always upgrade to the latest and greatest device is already leaving OEMs, network operators, retailers, distributors and  insurance companies challenged to effectively manage the volume of returned devices” said Gotthard Haug, CEO, Teleplan. “We launched Revolution in 2014 to begin addressing this problem, reducing test cycles by 70%. The addition of our unique nesT solution is the perfect  complement to the Revolution tester, creating an ecosystem which enables us to increase the automation process, whilst also improving both productivity and output quality, all of which is controlled and verified through collected data points.”

As part of the Revolution Ecosystem, nesT is the latest development to come from Teleplan’s dedicated Innovation centre in Tallinn, Estonia and has patents pending. The Revolution Ecosystem enables companies to experience lower touch times for devices with productivity gains of up to 400%, a 10% increase in fault detection accuracy and improved customer satisfaction. A typical industrial scale set up of the Revolution Ecosystem, featuring 15 Revolution testers and two nesT platforms, can support the testing of more than 6,000 smartphones per week on a single eight hour shift.

“At Teleplan we handle over 2.5 million mobile devices annually, helping operators and OEMs deliver the best possible after-market service to their customers. Our dedication to R&D means we are continually able to offer new ways of delivering additional value through  quality improvements, and cost savings directly for our customers. The Revolution Ecosystem platform does offer a unique and compelling value proposition,” finished Haug. nesT will showcase at Mobile World Congress on 22nd February and will be available immediately as part of the Revolution Ecosystem.

nesT key benefits include:
•Up to 4 times faster charging, using intelligence charging between 0.5A and 2.1A
•Operational flexibility with 28 ports, each operating independently serving multiple  operating systems
•Automated data deletion
•Automated operating system update
•The ability to tailor nesT’s scripting logic to suit specific customer requirements, such  as minimum 80% battery charge, and engineering change requirements
•Upload of the pre Revolution Teleplan Test app
•Provides visible and auditable proof that a device has been subject to minimum  battery charge, data deletion, operating system update and data link to the  Revolution test process
•Significant labour processing time reduction due to simple user interface and  operating instructions

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