Teleplan joins the Circular Economy 100

Amsterdam/Schiphol, The Netherlands. 8 September 2016. Teleplan, a leading after-market supply chain solutions provider, announces today joining the Circular Economy 100 (CE100) network. CE100 is a global platform bringing together leading companies, emerging innovators and regions to accelerate the transition to a circular economy. Keeping products in use is a key focus of the company. As an after-market service and reverse supply chain player, it has been working on circular business model elements for several years, including the re-use and resale of modules and components.

    • Product Passport Pilot underway
    • Circular Economy White Paper published

    “For Teleplan, the circular economy makes perfect business sense, addressing many of our clients’ key challenges such as e-waste and material control. As an innovator in the after-sales market, Teleplan has tremendous experience and expertise to facilitate such an important business model approach. This initiative also has huge support amongst our employees. Conscious that we are facing a systemic change – and you don’t readily change a system on your own – we are very excited to become part of the CE100 Program”, says Sven Boddington, VP Global Marketing & Client Solutions at Teleplan.

    One of the company’s circular economy projects already underway includes a product passport pilot. The idea with this project is to capture data points from each product serviced by Teleplan including the parts, components and materials which are in the product. When the product returns you could immediately ascertain what components could be re-used, melted down or recycled into other products. “We could make smarter, faster and more effective decisions in the supply chain in relation to re-use, harvest, or residual value just to name a few”, explains Xavier Hubert, leading the circular economy initiative at Teleplan.

    Casper Jorna, CE100 Program Lead at the Ellen Macarthur Foundation commented: “We are delighted that Teleplan has joined the CE100 network, as the first corporate member in after-market service. The company’s knowledge of the electronics value chain will inform members through best practice sharing, and could influence design improvement from the start. We look forward to collaborating with Teleplan to advance circularity in the value chain.”

    As part of Teleplan’s circular economy thought leadership and awareness campaign, the Company has just released a White Paper examining how the circular economy is fundamentally altering the definition of “new equipment” taking a look at the market’s attitude towards “used electronic equipment”. It can be downloaded under

    For Further Information:
    Teleplan International N.V.
    Monika Collée
    Global Director Communications
    Tel.: + 31 6 29 730 712

    Teleplan International N.V. is an industry leader in lifecycle care for after-market service, operating in the areas of Computers, Communications and Consumer Electronics. Focusing on Customer Care, Managed Logistics, Parts Management, Screening & Testing, Repair/Refurbish and Resell/Recycle, Teleplan has over 33 years of proven performance providing value propositions throughout the supply chain from the point of purchase to the end of life. Teleplan innovates to consistently keep up with the advances in interactive connectivity and communication and our Telemade approach tailors to each individual customer’s needs. Headquartered in Amsterdam/Schiphol, the Netherlands, Teleplan’s service centers have a global reach of over 95 countries and employ over 5,000 people.

    The Ellen MacArthur Foundation was created in 2010 to accelerate the transition to a circular economy. The Foundation’s work focuses on four areas: insight and analysis, business and government, education and training, and communication. With its Knowledge Partner, McKinsey & Company, the Foundation works to quantify the economic potential of the circular model and to develop approaches for capturing this value. The Foundation collaborates with its Global Partners (Cisco, Google, H&M, Intesa Sanpaolo, NIKE, Inc., Philips, Renault, Unilever), and its CE100 network (businesses, universities, innovators, governments, cities and affiliate organizations), to develop circular business initiatives and build capacity. The Foundation is creating a global teaching and learning platform on the circular economy, encompassing work with leading universities, schools and colleges, and online events such as the Disruptive Innovation Festival. The Foundation communicates cutting edge ideas and insight through its circular economy research reports, case studies and books, and on Circulate, an online portal dedicated to providing news and unique insights on the circular economy and related subjects.


    For more information visit and follow @circulareconomy.

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