KPN and key supplier base commit to circular business model by 2025

KPN Circular Manifest fundamentally changes definition of new equipment and anticipates on Netherlands’ circular ambitions

[Seven] major KPN suppliers, including global network manufacturers and supply chain and recycling companies, have committed to making all new KPN network and consumer hardware designed to last longer, produced using less virgin raw materials and built in such a way that close to 100% of the parts and resources can be reused or recycled by 2025. The manifest also looks into existing KPN hardware installed internally and externally to recover value from devices and parts which can be still used and stay in the lifecycle of a product delivering benefits to KPN’s ecosystem, its employees, its customers, investors and other stakeholders in their supply chain. The company’s circular economy target supports and is is [well] ahead of the Netherlands’ objective of transitioning towards a circular economy by 2050.

The agreement with network and hardware equipment manufacturers ZTE, Ericsson, HPE, Huawei and Arris; recycling and refurbishing specialists Drake & Farrell and Teleplan, a leader in lifecycle care solutions for electronics and a member and thought leader of the Circular Economy 100 network jointly covers approximately 20 percent of the current network and consumer hardware (excluding mobile phones). By signing the KPN Circular Manifesto [hyperlink], these suppliers have agreed to produce by 2025 hardware that is circular by design and more energy efficient for both KPN and its customers. Moreover, the company seeks to bring other suppliers on board as it transitions towards a circular business model.

“Climate change is one of the most pressing challenges in our society and it’s time for action, not words. As the Netherland’s largest ICT-provider, we recognize that we have an important role to play to enable the necessary transition towards a sustainable and increasingly digital economy. That’s why we’re implementing our own circular economy target with a demanding timeline,” said Eelco Blok, CEO of KPN. “We’re very pleased that such important partners have accepted this challenge and share our determination. After all, it’s only by working together that we can realize the innovation necessary to become circular. Their support is therefore key and the knowledge we develop together can also benefit other stakeholders who seek to reduce their own environmental impact.”

The KPN Circular Manifesto outlines KPN’s goal of minimizing its carbon and environmental footprint even as the volume of data traffic is expected to continue to grow exponentially. In addition to the manifesto, KPN has signed individual agreements with each of the suppliers outlining the focus areas of collaboration between the individual supplier and KPN. The suppliers signing the manifesto deliver network equipment, conferencing solutions, mobile phones and/or supply chains solutions such as refurbishing and recycling services.

“As an innovator in the after-sales market, Teleplan has tremendous experience and expertise to support KPN’s important business model approach and transition. The circular economy concept is not new to Teleplan. It is part of the Company’s DNA. As an after-market service and reverse supply chain player, Teleplan has developed asset recovery and value recovery services and solutions using its over 34 years’ knowledge on modules and components to optimize their re-use or resell potential”, commented Hugo Wentzel, Global Director Value Recovery Solutions at Teleplan the signature of the manifest.

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