Teleplan marks turning point in secondary mobile phone market with Optiline

Objective grading tester relying on line confocal imaging to be launched at Mobile World Congress

Amsterdam/Schiphol, the Netherlands, 21 February, 2018 – Teleplan, a leading lifecycle care solutions provider for technology products, unveils its unique objective grading tester ‘Optiline’, which can determine the physical and optical condition of any mobile phone surface. The second-hand mobile phone market is expected to grow 4-5 times faster than the overall smartphone market. It is expected that more than 120 million devices will be resold or reused in 2018, representing a global market worth US$17 billion.

By being immune to surface glossiness, transparent glue, sloped surfaces and other edges, Optiline can overcome the shortfall of existing laser and X-ray technologies. Optiline’s use of line confocal imaging (LCI) enables 2D and 3D measurements of fixed and moving surfaces with a very high resolution. Combining these two types of images with grading algorithms means Optiline can virtually detect and parametrize any 3D defect or 2D surface anomaly. The use of this technology allows Optiline to be used in a production or repair environment for cosmetic quality inspection purposes. It also allows the user to determine the right value and selling price of a used mobile phone, making it relevant to the remarketing industry. A camera inside Optiline can transmit pictures of any tested device, which in turn can automatically be displayed on any mobile e-commerce platform.

“The accurate and objective grading of a used mobile phone, without the introduction of operator bias, will determine its price and onward disposition to the most suitable reseller channel. Optiline maximizes the resale value of returned devices for our customers,” says Teleplan CEO François Lacombe.

The integrated LCI technology in Optiline can also determine defects and anomalies on the surfaces of other devices such as tablets, modems, set-top boxes and more. Grading parameters and test scenarios are flexible and customizable to meet customer requirements and practices. Full grading reports and grading data, including images and defect descriptions, are captured and available for analysing purposes.

With this latest addition to Teleplan’s own portfolio of test solutions, the company is now in a position to objectively and automatically assess both the functional and cosmetic condition of mobile phones and other electronic devices, eliminating most inefficiencies inherent to current manual and subjective processes.

Optiline will be unveiled to the public during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in late February 2018 in the Executive Meeting room area 2.1B21Ex and 2.1B23Ex.

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