Find out more about Titan 2

We recently introduced our innovative tester for connected home entertainment devices such as set-top boxes, modems and gateways. The tester will launch under the Titan 2 brand name.

Titan 2 offers a variety of unique benefits such as scalability, repeatability, reliability, flexibility, portability and accessibility. Both the hardware and software elements of Titan 2 have been developed in-house by the innovation center team in Tallinn, Estonia, helping to keep our test capabilities ahead of the technology curve.

The modular capability of Titan 2 means it can meet different customer requirements, from low volume returns to high volume operations. Titan 2 comes as a self-contained ‘single slot’ unit and can scale up to any required capacity. Each unit is independent, allowing a variety of different devices and brands to be tested simultaneously. All test information is captured and available for review real time through a unique customer portal. This data can be used to inform future product designs as well as help customer service departments diagnose field issues more accurately.

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