Teambuilding Volleyball in Zoetermeer

vb2We work hard for our customers at Teleplan but we know its important to balance that with more relaxing activities to ensure a great work/life balance.

vb1The Zoetermeer team has organized a BBQ for many years now, this year deciding for the first time to host this event in a new location. Happy Moose is a catering facility located on the North lake in Zoetermeer providing beautiful tranquil surroundings.vb3

As part of the event, a volleyball competition between the departments/programs was held with nine teams entering. The winners, the DLS Cisco team, can be called “The Pride of Teleplan” and  were awarded with a Champions Cup as well as a selection of candy to help replace all the energy they had spent on the volleyball court!

The members of the winning team were Dennis Friederichs, Robin Hoogendoorn, Xander Simons, Alain Fundi, Michael Oudshoorn and Rick van Gils.

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