Game Consoles

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Game console testing, repair and refurbishment are critical functions necessary to ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction in the gaming community. At Teleplan, we have been helping to optimize every step of the gamer experience and minimize client disruption for over 15 years.

We ensure the contact center agents are trained to identify common game console error symptoms and where possible, to rectify these at source through remote support as part of a returns avoidance strategy. If a hardware issue is identified, our reverse logistics network is engaged to manage the swift return of the device for more centralised servicing in accordance with the needs of our customers.

Device tracking of all returned consoles is provided to our business customers, as well as end users through our in-house designed e-TRAC system which provides real-time visibility on the status of each device. We also have the capability to fully test all games consoles to agreed standards and if required, can design test scripts when there is a customer need for specific additional diagnostics.

Repair of consoles can be performed on all functional aspects of the device from the motherboard, to disc readers as well as the refurbishment of cosmetics and accessories. Service models include swap-out exchange programs, as well as same unit repair of both in-warranty and out-of-warranty consoles. Working with customers, our operations strive to reuse as many returned and harvested parts as possible, reducing total costs and providing a more circular environmental solution.

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