Screens and displays are one of the most commonly returned items in After-market service and we specialize in the repair and refurbishment of LCD, LCDM, LED and OLED. Teleplan have a number of specialist clean rooms designed specifically for screen servicing ranging from Class 1,000 to Class 10,000. Screens come in many shapes and sizes and we have the ability to support screen up to 80” allowing us to cope with multi device retail returns. We also have bonding and polarizing capabilities.

We work with many different OEMs and retailers and currently support more than 800 different models. We have helped many OEMs through our extensive data analysis to identify the root causes of failures either through manufacturing problems or rogue batches. These insights can then help to influence future improvement initiatives.

It is becoming increasingly important to repair and refurbish smaller mobile phone screens quickly to meet the increasing demands and requirements of end users. We use freezing and separation technology on these devices as well as plastic refurbishment and glass polishing to eliminate light scratches.

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