Other Technologies


Teleplan moves swiftly to meet the ever changing and evolving needs of the electronics industry. This involves keeping abreast of new technology developments and ensuring our capabilities are aligned to meet the After-market needs of these devices. Our engineering team continues to assess and understand the latest technological developments in order to determine how they can be best tested, repaired and refurbished.  In addition, Teleplan also considers how these new technologies enter the market and how we can best support our customers in the most optimum way when it comes to After-market care.

Wearable technology has been an example of this and Teleplan are equipped to deal with a wide capability of these including watches, fitness trackers and virtual reality technology. Another area we have recently started exploring is drones which are set to become increasingly popular over the next 5 years. There is also increasing attention being given to IOT devices.   Whatever the next generation of product, Teleplan’s experience across multiple technologies means that we can find and provide the right end to end solutions to support both current and new customers.

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