Value Recovery Solutions

Teleplan is an industry leader in the Value Recovery market. Our solutions deliver IT asset disposition (ITAD) value for organizations who have assts they consider end-of-life by refreshing and remarketing these into secondary markets, after proper sanitization and processing.

We take your end of life assets and breathe new life into them. Lifecycle continuation can be achieved by thorough testing to determine the functionality and condition of the HDDs, SSD/NAND, CPU, RAM, Laptops and servers and CPE, refurbishing them as necessary and connecting them with other markets in our global marketplace for resale and onward consumption

We are committed to the Circular Economy and are a member of the CE100 network, which is run by the Ellen McArthur foundation. We aim to eliminate waste through innovative diagnostic, repair and value recovery solutions. We are R2 (responsible recycling) certified to further demonstrate this commitment

Data Security concerns are key in this area. Our in-house developed data erasure testers are ADISA certified. Our solutions are fully transparent through online portals and a certificate of data destruction is provided on all assets.

Our gain share revenue split means we are always committed to the most efficient, lean processes whilst never compromising on the standard at any point of our solution. Our global reach means we can offer services in any region, meaning you only one contract rather than multi-vendor, multi-region agreements.

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