Teleplan fast facts



Teleplan was founded in 1983 as a repair company for television sets and has since evolved into a company that manages the entire after sale services process for some of the largest electronics manufacturing companies, telecommunication operators, retailers and insurers around the world.


Schiphol (Amsterdam), The Netherlands

Global Reach

Teleplan supports customers in more than 120 countries around the world from service centers across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific regions.

Key business focusses

Computer devices, consumer electronics and communications equipment

Service Products

The key after sales services Teleplan offers are customer care, reverse logistics, parts management, screening & testing, repair & refurbish and resell & recycle.


€236 million 2018 (Preliminary)


5,000 Teleplanners

Management Board

François Lacombe, CEO (French), Jan Piet Valk, CFO (Dutch)

Good to know

  • Teleplan handles a service event for an electronic device every 1.2 seconds
  • Teleplan handles more than 26 million devices a year
  • There are more electronic devices in use on the planet than there are human beings
  • One in three mobile phones require repair in the first 15 months of ownership
  • We provide after sales services support to customers from 123 countries representing 5.4 billion consumers or 78% of a 7 billion world population

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