Experts solve reverse-engineering challenge


Our client

Europe based global data networking and telecommunications equipment company, providing Radio Base Station (RBS) to mobile operators worldwide.

Client’s challenge

Our customer was suffering customer satisfaction issues caused by excessively long cycle times of up to six weeks due to their reliance on Thailand-based partners. This also led to high logistics costs and high inventory values.

Products requiring repair were often out-of-warranty, aging and from multiple vendors. The operator could not supply schematics of the circuit diagrams or any test script. Many of the sub-systems had to be returned to the vendor creating additional repair and logistic costs as well as long lead-time.

Our approach

The lack of schematics drove us to assign our engineering experts from our Tallinn Innovation Center to develop a technical solution.

Our Tele-made solution

As schematics were not available to perform repairs Teleplan utilized our engineering expertise to reverse-engineer the major most common failing sub-systems in order to create repair processes and automated test scripts.

We eventually identified our Service Center in Tallinn, Estonia as the best fit for this repair solution and after the re-engineering process was completed, a weekly repair flow began. Once the process was successfully established, it was duplicated in Jakarta, Indonesia to resolve local challenges.

The outcomes

  • Huge inventory reductions
  • Lower logistics costs
  • Dramatically reduced cycle times
  • Enhanced brand image
  • Client now has capability to support multi-vendor contracts
  • One standardized repair process
  • Greater customer satisfaction
  • Another happy customer…
Benefit Before After
Perfect order fulfilment 53% 99%
Order cycle time 6 weeks 8 days
Inventory value $4.5M $1M
Capability to support multi-vendor maintenance contracts no yes

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