Huge benefits in Teleplan’s consolidated operations solution

Technology in the hands

Our client

Cisco, the world’s largest enterprise networking company serving global B2B clients.

Client’s challenge

Our client was experiencing a globally fragmented service chain in both their forward and reverse logistics. Their configuration and returns testing were being executed by up to eight suppliers across three regions. Multiple touch points in repair and distribution caused service inconsistencies and excessive cycle times. Disparate IT systems led to inefficient use of resources and disproportionate overheads resulting in high inventories.

Our approach

Teleplan carefully assessed our client’s current supplier network to fully understand the returns inefficiencies. We identified measures to optimize the flow of products taking into consideration various factors including tax and duties. Tailoring our offering, we presented a solution that would simplify processes and improve efficiency of their resource allocation, with a view to reducing cycle times and lowering overheads.

Our Tele-made solution

Utilizing our global network knowledge, Teleplan developed a simplified all-in-one consolidated approach on a multi-region basis. Standardizing management processes and introducing IT solutions enabled the business to be transformed successfully over a three-month period. Services provided included full inventory management, forward/reverse logistics including a configure-to-order option, product recovery and screening & testing, B2B messaging and supply chain event management.

The outcomes

  • One single point of control
  • One continuous information set to facilitate efficient management
  • Optimization of internal material and process flows
  • Significant reductions in cash outflow
  • Increased service and brand quality
  • Outsource to one highly focussed service company
  • Another happy customer…
Benefit Before After
Perfect order fulfilment 76% 99%
Order cycle time 5 days 2.5 days
Cost -35%
Inventory value >6 months 45 days
Vendor management 7 FTEs 3 FTEs

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