Value recovery solutions for legacy IT electronics

Our client

Global OEM who provides laptops, desktops, data storage, information security, cloud computing and virtualization products.

Client’s challenge

  • Provide globally consistent processes for the provision of ITAD solutions for legacy assets in a secure and environmentally conscious manner.
  • To ensure secure processes for data erasure to enable reuse/resale of assets.
  • Provide solutions which embrace Circular Economy through reuse/resale/parts harvesting.
  • Promote CSR through adherence of local regulatory guidelines /legislation and waste regulations.
  • Identify solutions to aid their strategic goals to bring innovation to the marketplace for them and their customers.
  • Identify partner to perform multiple, innovative, ITAD services for legacy IT electronics.

Our approach

  • Review current end to end process and supply chain with the client.
  • Demonstrating our in-house developed technology in providing data erasure and processing solutions across full product range .
  • Develop a process to manage, test, grade & data erase all IT data bearing assets in client’s product suite
  • Develop a globally consistent avenue for remarketing of assets into the secondary markets.
  • Demand routing, based on our market knowledge, to ensure maximum resale values.
  • Proving how we add value to bring longer life to assets, embracing Circular Economy.

Our solution

  • Globally consistent processes for provision of ITAD services.
  • Offer the customer our experience, through our automated data erasure process, market knowledge, demand routing and safe reuse/resale options into the secondary market.
  • Where there are no resell options channelling devices to the correct End of Life supply chain either through parts harvesting or recycling ensuring environmental stewardship.
  • Full transparency detailing the outcome of each asset on a final disposition report.

The outcomes

  • Provision of a holistic and robust but simple end-to-end solution.
  • Enabling Circular Economy philosophy of reuse/resale.
  • By utilising our software, Proteus, demonstrated secure data erasure.
  • Total Chain of Custody through the lifecycle of the asset.
  • Track & Trace/Secure transportation.
  • Efficient processes on data erasure.
  • Maximise value through sales in secondary market .
  • Provide new additional revenue streams through establishing innovative methods for managing end of life/legacy assets.
  • Ensure full compliance in adherence with local regulatory guidelines.
  • End of. Life recovery of parts and materials
  • Provision of Certificate of Destruction.

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