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We understand that the experience your end customers receive is a crucial part of your service offering. Your customer care needs to be tailored to the different needs and preferences of your customers, which is why Teleplan helps you select the best after market support solution to engage with them.

For some end customers, being able to find the answers to their product experience issues themselves via self service help delivered online or even in in-store kiosks, is vitally important. Others prefer to get live technical support via email, web chat, telephone or even face-to-face after sales support, even after a product is out of warranty. Whichever methods you choose for your end customer service experience, there are essential returns avoidance strategies which enables your business to reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction levels.

Your customers are extremely important to us, so when it comes to Customer Care, Teleplan will design the solution that is right for you to best support your customers.


Self-service support

Self-service support is a key part of any returns avoidance strategy and has a positive impact on customer satisfaction. Your customers – particularly millennials (those under 35) increasingly expect to be able to resolve technical issues with electronics devices for themselves where possible, regardless of warranty status.

Teleplan can help with developing guided text and “how to” guides that help your end-users diagnose and resolve many of their product issues independently. Teleplan’s after sales self-service support offers the convenience of a 24/7 system which can be accessed through the internet on their own devices, from any location and often results in immediate resolution.


Live technical support

Teleplan provides live after sales support, engaging directly with your end-users to resolve issues with electronic devices, regardless of warranty status. For example, our in-house experience has shown that over 30% of smartphone related queries can be resolved within minutes, preventing unnecessary returns by reducing no fault found (NFF) rates by a factor of four.

Customer satisfaction has also been shown to dramatically improve when people are given the option to access instant technical support whether on the phone, via live chat, e-mail or even in-store. We have seen that this service can help increase your customer satisfaction rates to more than 85%.


Customer transaction handling

Our customer transaction handling service enables you to offer your customers repair or trade-in services even when products are no longer under warranty. Teleplan provides quotations and handles payment transactions. This allows you to retain the benefit of having a controlled official payment channel, protecting your brand integrity.

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