Dimensions of service

There are four dimensions that are critical to our ability to deliver great after sales services and are constant through the development and delivery of every Tele-made after sales solution.



Subject matter expertise combined with cultural diversity, agility and entrepreneurship is at the heart of our global team of Teleplanners. At Teleplan we understand that the after sales services experience of your customers matters. Each Teleplanner develops a blend of skills and understanding in order to deliver a quality of after sales service experience unsurpassed in our industry and proven through excellent customer satisfaction ratings and customer awards. When embarking on new customer projects, Teleplan can draw upon its global team of experts so that we can properly support our customers with whatever challenges they face.


Technology evolution

Teleplan pioneers new ways to help ensure we can support you in the constantly evolving areas of computing, communications and consumer electronics. We have designed our services and service centers to be flexible enough to support the very latest devices on the markets as well as those that may be older and out of production. At Teleplan we provide after sales support for connected device such as mobiles and tablets, networking equipment (enterprise and radio access networks), storage (HDD), PC & notebooks, wearables and home entertainment devices including set-top boxes.

We also have a proven track record of supporting gaming consoles, cameras, printers and other consumer electronics such as navigation systems. Our skilled global Teleplan team works hard to ensure that we keep abreast and up to date with the latest evolutions in key technologies.


Place of service

After market services have continued to evolve over recent years and this also extends to the place where the services are actually performed. Teleplan leverages its service centers across the globe to support centralized repair and service models. Increasingly, Teleplan is providing points of service closer to the customer, which includes in-hub, in store and even services delivered remotely. No matter where we deliver service, you will experience the same Teleplan spirit and standard of professionalism all of which benefit from our understanding of local behaviors and expectations. We can support you where you need us.


Systems & processes

Our customers do not just work with us for the fantastic after sales service solutions we provide, but because they also receive those services at an affordable price. Throughout Teleplan, we drive a lean mind-set to deliver increasingly efficient operational process execution. Our operations either have attained or are working to attain full compliance to international standards including ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and more recently ISO 18001 certification setting quality management, environmental and health and safety standards.

Teleplan is industry leading in terms of innovation and intelligent solution design. Our adopted and in-house developed IT-systems and portals give us the transparency and control necessary to support and deliver value to all of our customers. We integrate seamlessly with your systems as well as those of our strategic partners such as third party logistics.


Our e-TRAC system allows real time tracking.

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