Parts management


Teleplan’s parts management solutions help you from forecasting through to planning, sourcing and procurement. In Our International Purchasing Office in Hong Kong our supply chain professionals help source end of life or difficult to find parts at the right quality, as well as ensuring parts are exchanged when still in warranty from the OEMs.

Effective parts management in after market is all about balancing the availability of parts where and when they are needed, alongside the financial risks associated with excess and obsolete inventory. Teleplan works hard with you to get this balance right.


Parts planning

Parts planning is an essential aspect of after sales services. At Teleplan, we have this down to a fine art, managing parts availability, optimizing inventory levels and associated working capital, minimizing excess & obsolescence (E&O) risks and avoiding costs of expediting urgent items.

Teleplan invests in the best people and resources to optimize performance in parts planning. This critical service, features in virtually every after sales solution that we provide.


Parts sourcing & procurement

Sourcing and procuring electronic parts is an essential service when it comes to parts management. At Teleplan we are happy to work with your existing approved vendor list (AVL) or select suitable alternative sources of supply to ensure we have the right parts available to repair or refurbish your customers’ devices quickly and efficiently.

We use our global enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to ensure we execute our parts management as efficiently as possible. Most of the parts we procure originate in Asia, which is why we have invested in an International Procurement Office in Hong Kong to develop the right vendor relationships and ensure responsible and ethical practices are adhered to throughout our supply chain.



At Teleplan we extract usable sub-assemblies or electronic parts for re-use in repair, refurbishment or resell service activities. This helps to overcome issues with parts that are difficult to source within reasonable commercial terms, or that are simply no longer available.

Harvesting can be particularly well suited to support your customers’ needs when their products fall under extended warranty or are out of warranty. It has the added advantage of retaining the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standard of parts integrity. By extending the life cycle of higher value sub-assemblies, you will also typically reduce your carbon footprint by around 25-40% against buying new parts.

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