Repair & refurbish


Teleplan is a market leader in b2b repair. Repair and refurbishment of electronics are crucial parts of the after market services we provide. Damaged devices not only mean lost revenue, they can result in unhappy users. Teleplan helps you by executing everything from soft repairs and fixing through to highly technical L4 repairs, and do so to the highest quality standards, in the most efficient way.

Products not only need to functionally work but should continue to look good, which is why we also offer full refresh and cosmetic refurbishment services for electronic devices.




Teleplan provides the full spectrum of functional repair capabilities – from software related issues to highly technical board and “cleanroom” repairs – that restore a device to a usable state in accordance to a defined functional repair standard.

By providing an efficient, high quality repair service, Teleplan helps provide your customers with a positive after sales support experience which can lead to increased loyalty to your brand. We can also reverse engineer products to develop technical specifications, Bill of Materials (BOMs), and work instructions should no other option be available.





We can support your swap, loan, demonstration or rental service programs with our electronic refurbishment service that transforms used products to an extremely high cosmetic or configuration standard.

Teleplan’s refurbishment service can increase the perceived value of your product and service as your customers receive a “like-new” product experience. This in turn can increase your Net Promoter Score (NPS) and enhance your lifetime brand loyalty.





Kitting & packing

Our kitting and packing service is highly flexible and can distinguish whether a product needs to be re-packaged to an ‘as new’ standard to go back into a retail environment or returned in the packaging it came in if it is to be returned to its owner. This not only saves costs but also helps reduce the impact on your carbon footprint.

By integrating this after sales service as part of an overall solution, you retain full quality control, as well as high levels of customization flexibility to suit your market needs.

“At Teleplan we are able to provide data pertaining to metrics, quality and performance that help the customer make more informed decisions that contribute to a better return on investment thus enabling a reduction in overall costs.”

Jose Rodriguez, Program Manager

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