Resell & recycle


There is a growing demand in the after market for the onward responsible disposition of electronic devices. Our resell and recycle solutions can help you increase revenue and reduce your carbon footprint. Your customers’ tastes and demands are such that they want to have the latest generation devices, and upgrade to these even when their existing devices still function. Teleplan helps you to enable your customers to upgrade in a way that is cost effective for you, breathing new life in to your products by testing functionality, refurbishing and distributing through our secondary resell channels.

There comes a time however, when lifecycle continuation is no longer possible or commercially viable. We do our best to prolong the lifespan of your electronics through our circular approach but when necessary Teleplan ensures that the products’ materials are recycled responsibly to minimize any negative impact on our environment.



Increasingly, people upgrade to the latest model because they want the latest technology on offer, not because there is a problem with their current device.

Our electronics resell service includes a comprehensive network of reliable channels in which to resell older but functioning products into secondary markets. This enables you to help your customer to trade-in their original devices saving them money and encouraging brand loyalty.


Controlled recycling

Controlled electronics recycling at Teleplan involves selecting and coordinating responsible recycling partners to process scrap materials with the intent of maximizing the level of reclamation.

Teleplan identifies materials that no longer have a useful life in their current form and sorts them into key raw materials to be processed by reputable partners. Where possible we seek to do this in a cost neutral way and always ensure we abide by local laws and regulations.

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