Screening & testing


Our suite of industry leading in-house electronics test solutions cover a variety of technologies including HDDs, smart phones, modems, routers, set top boxes and networking equipment. Products are screened before going through an objective testing process. This can be at one of our global service centers, in-store, at a third party hub location or in some cases even remotely.

Not all testing solutions are the same. Teleplan believes in optimizing test accuracy so that you avoid unnecessary returns or repairs so improving your total cost of ownership. We also ensure our thorough electronic testing means that no device is returned to a customer having been misdiagnosed.


Returns validation

Our returns validation helps prevent unauthorized, fraudulent claims or counterfeit products finding their way into your after sales support network by capturing and validating product status against pre-defined criteria, in order to make further processing and disposition decisions.

The assumed product condition and/or warranty status made at the time of the initial return authorization is verified as part of this control process. Teleplan’s returns validation also identifies the correct party liable for the cost of processing the device and action accordingly.& testing

Inspection and electronic testing assesses the condition and functionality of your product once it has arrived at the designated place of service. Accurate diagnosis improves the overall efficiency of the after sales service process and reduces the likelihood of your customers getting back a faulty product.

Teleplan invests in training and automated testing solutions that provide consistent, repeatable and reliable results, giving you quality assurance and peace of mind. Our automated testing has shown to more than double the accuracy of fault detection.

In situations where no fault found (NFF) rates are likely to be high, we can provide inspection and testing services in third party locations closer to your customers to improve turnaround time reducing both transportation costs and the associated inventory required.

“I was really excited to be involved in Research and Development’s most recent offering – Teleplan’s Flagship HDD test platform the Proteus. With the constantly changing technology climate there is always something new to discuss and new capabilities to develop. Our specialists have a proven track record in producing bespoke hardware and software solutions.”

Dave Robinson, Research & Development Manager

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