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Mobile phones, smartphones and tablets are now an essential part of everyday life for most people and so the associated after-market service is extremely important. Getting the repair of these devices right is also key part to continued uninterrupted services, customer satisfaction, retention and improved Net Promoter Score (NPS). At some point during a mobile phone lifecycle, an end user will encounter a problem or may wish to trade in their mobile phone. At Teleplan we assist many customers through the suite of services we offer. We currently help OEMs, Operators, Insurers and Retailers by providing various returns model solutions.

We work with a number of partners on a variety of solutions including In Warranty, Extended Warranty solutions, Insurance Support, Out of Warranty (OOW) and swap models.

Parts Management is an important part of all of our solutions. Where possible we encourage parts reclamation, harvesting and recovery of parts and components for reuse in our repair and refurbishment solutions.

Our Optiline solution was created to improve the current visual and mechanical inspections and cosmetic assessment prone to inconsistencies and human error. Optiline enables the measurements of any traces of use on various surfaces at a high resolution. Its analysis software utilizes artificial intelligence in detecting damages and defects . Optiline records pictures of all tested devices, which in turn can automatically be displayed on any third-party system, including e-commerce platform.

CaptureTeleplan is proud to have strong differentiated testing solutions for mobile technologies. Our in-house developed Mobile Ecosystem Platform which includes Nest initialisation station and Revolution smartphone tester provides fully automated objective testing of phones. Nest charges a device up to x4 faster than standard, has x28 asynchronous ports, each operating independently and with multi-operating systems, provides automated data wipe, accredited by ADISA (Asset Disposal & Information Security Alliance), automated O/S update and programmable intelligent initialisation sequence logic (i.e. scripting). Giving significant labor processing time reduction and simple to operate users then receive full data verification reporting and data link with downstream Revolution test process

Our Revolution tester then provides full function testing and certified data verification to either identify faults or provide assurance that a device is functioning properly. Some of the benefits of Revolution includes objective testing to ensure consistency, quality assurance, eliminates need for multiple test stations, enabled engineering test change control, cost savings and functional quality certainty can increase a product’s resell value in secondary markets

We have centers of excellence in Europe, The Americas and Asia Pacific where our highly skilled teams develop leaner, more efficient processes for repair and refurbishment of devices. Some of the more common repair processes include front glass replacement, PCB repair, LCD repair, LCD module replacement, backlight replacement and repair. We can support up to L4 board repair utilising our in house clean room environments. Depending on customer requirements, refurbishment can include glass polishing of screens, metal sandblasting, anodization, painting and cosmetic parts replacement.

In any program, visibility is a crucial element and we integrate our solutions through our tracking software eTrac where customers and/or end users can see which stage an individual device has reached in the returns process. We have both near shore and off shore solution options depending on what balance a customer wished to place on process velocity or cost.

These services can be combined to provide a fully managed after-market service. This can run from the point of contact with an end user where returns avoidance is always key through to fully managed reverse logistics and then technical services. Further services include the kitting and repacking of devices, and if required the repurposing of phones into new markets through our resell channels. If beyond economic repair, we ensure the controlled recycling of parts.

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