Networking and Radio Access Network Equipment


We are experts in the Asset Management of Enterprise Networking and Wireless Network infrastructure equipment, Radio Base Stations (RBS), Radio Access Network equipment (RAN). We help our customers – both Operators and OEMs – to extend the lifecycles and maximize the ROI of their network equipment through our suite of solutions that include reverse logistics, screening and testing, repair & remarketing.

Very often, when pieces of equipment come back from the field due to project returns, suspected failures or an upgrade program, asset identification and testing can be a significant challenge. This can be exacerbated by the fact such returns are often multi-OEM equipment that may be of different generations. We provide warehousing and fulfilment solutions for Operators where we put specialized receiving processes in place to identify unknown multi brand equipment. This is all logged in our tailored IT systems from which the data is accessible to customers providing full transparency of their assets.

We specialise in providing reliable multi-brand solutions. Our screening and testing has been proven to match correlation and accuracy to 95% of the equivalent full OEM test and as a modern test provider and developer, our engineers optimize these tests through in-house scripting. These tests are fully portable to meet the geographic needs of our customers.

One of the advantages of our Asset Management solution is that our e-Trac platform gives full tracking visibility to our customers allowing them to run both macro and micro level reports on the status of their equipment. Trial and Loan is a popular solution in this area.

Once logged and recovered to a determinate state, equipment can be stored for future needs, redeployed back into the field or otherwise repurposed via our global resell channels. Our solutions help to reduce costs and increase the effective lifetime value of our customers’ assets.

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