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laptop repair

Customer satisfaction is often affected when a PC or Laptop or Notebook has to be returned for repair. We can provide full in warranty support to either avoid this situation for your customers or make that process as seamless and pain free as possible. We hold several OEM accreditations and also have the experience and capability to support Out of Warranty (OOW) repairs in many cases.

Our solutions help to identify problems at the earliest possible time, meaning we can reduce the time and cost involved in the return or repurposing of a device. Through our repair and refurbishment capabilities we help optimize yields minimizing the number of new buy devices needed to support customer expectations.

Teleplan’s Customer Care solutions can also be established as a first point of any returns process. This can include providing website guides for end user self-help, call centers to assist an end user diagnose a problem and also the ability for Teleplan to remotely connect with a customer’s computer to diagnose and repair in an attempt to keep the device with the customer.

Reverse Logistics is a major part of the PC, Laptop & Notebook process and minimizing costs whilst optimizing the customer experience are objectives in this area. Our established cross border solutions allow us to keep overheads to a minimum whilst other options such as multiple pick up drop off (PUDO) points throughout a geography keeps customer satisfaction high. We also provide secure packaging to give peace of mind to the end user and protect assets alongside our other parts management capabilities.

Our customers also benefit from our PC testing capabilities. Spectrum by Teleplan is our in-house developed and notebook tester. Spectrum runs independently of any operating system installed on the device. Spectrum supports CPU burn-in tests, RAM stress tests, HDD SMART Selfcheck, Optical Disk drive test, LAN and WLAN test, and Bluetooth. Spectrum allows customization of test parameters allowing flexibility to meet the needs of the customer. Our pc and notebook repair capabilities include comprehensive Level 1-4, Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA), re-imaging and Ball Grid Array (BGA). A highly skilled group of Teleplanners are able to refurbish devices to the highest level ensuring a ‘like new’ look and feel.

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