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Teleplan adds to Business Development team

17 May, 2017

Peter Bonte has been named President Global Business Development at Dutch lifecycle care solutions provider Teleplan. Bonte is joining Teleplan at an opportune time, as the company is transforming its organizational approach from a regional to a global structure.

Publication: Evertiq Date: 26th April 2017 For the full article click here

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Smartphone manufacturers focus on cameras to boost sales

1 November, 2016

Darkened rooms full of smelly chemicals and glass plates have given way to the smartphone and the selfie. This year, we will take, 15 per cent more than in 2015 — 90 per cent of them on smartphones, according to professional services provider Deloitte.

Publication: Financial Times Date: 15th September 2016 For the full article [...]

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Adding customer value through lean initiatives

6 September, 2016

In the supply chain industry there is a lot of talk about lean initiatives from a business perspective but it often doesn’t focus on the real value it can add to customers. There must be a flow of lean initiatives implemented across technologies, assets, and departments, transforming the entire business [...]

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Tested to destruction: Delivering the 5G dream

24 August, 2016

The year 2020 may seem like a long way off, but interest in the development of faster and more robust 5G wireless networks is gathering. While visions of a ‘digital society’ downloading films in less than five seconds and enjoying a revolution in virtual reality grab the headlines, discussion within [...]

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The implications of Apple’s new products on the AMS market

30 March, 2016

Apple once again had technology fans on the edge of their seats ready to see the company’s latest offerings take their turn in the lime light. With the inside of a 6S and the outside of a 5S the SE will be another welcome addition to the iPhone family while the [...]

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nesT Bolsters Ground-breaking Test and Repair Capability

8 March, 2016

Teleplan, one of the top global end-to-end after-market service solution providers, has today launched nesT, an intelligent multi-brand smartphone initialisation station, as part of its Revolution Ecosystem Platform for the after sales services market.

Publication: WN Date: 8th March 2016 For the full article click here


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Mobile World Congress – What the big trends mean for AMS

8 March, 2016

Each year Mobile World Congress holds the attention of the mobile and telecoms industry with a plethora of new technologies being showcased to the world. But, what impact will they have on the AMS industry?

Publication: Evertiq Date: 8th March 2016 For the full article click here


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How Top-Class Electronic Testing Keeps Customers Happy

5 November, 2015

We are living in the age of the ‘always on’ consumer who feels anxious when they are without their favorite electronic device, even for a short period of time. This means when products fail, their owners want them back in their hands as soon as possible.

Publication: EBN Date: 5th [...]

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Teleplan opens customer experience centre in California

9 October, 2015

Publication: Evertiq Date: 9th October 2015 For the full article click here


Teleplan has opened its first Customer Experience Centre in Roseville, California, USA. The centre will showcase the company’s supply chain capabilities, from product return to end-of life recycling, in a single location.


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