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Five tips for a competitive service supply chain

7 August, 2015

Publication: Supply Chain Digital Date: 5th August 2015 For the full article click here

EXCERPT For many organisations the perception of the reverse service supply chain’s primary role has shifted from a functional necessity to one which is increasingly being recognised as an essential tool for competitive differentiation and a key part of customer satisfaction. [...]

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What can we do to combat our growing e-waste challenge?

25 June, 2015

Publication: Click Green Date: 24th June 2015 For the full article click here

EXCERPT Businesses are full of technology ‒ from desktop computers to specialist electronic devices and mobile devices, it’s technology that keeps many businesses running. In this modern age one would assume that the approach businesses take to disposing of their [...]

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What we can do to combat the growing e-waste mountain

20 May, 2015

Publication: Evertiq Date: 20th May 2015 For the full article click here

EXCERPT Too many old, disused or discarded electronics are dumped well before the end of their useful life. Many have the capacity to be reused, resold, repaired, recycled or safely disposed of and every year the problem gets worse…

A recent report from [...]

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Beating the Binsters

14 May, 2015

Publication: New Electronics Date: 12th May 2015 For the full article click here

EXCERPT The UK is a throwaway society when it comes to consumer electronics devices – we ‘bin’ 23.5kg of e-waste per person per year. But repair is an option for many products

Despite many years of being encouraged to ‘reuse, reduce [...]

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