Returns solution enables enhanced security, circularity and revenue


Our client

• One of the world’s largest storage OEM’s.

Client’s challenge

• Historically destroying and shredding returned hard drives
• Need for proven data wipe solution
• IP challenges related to proprietary firmware and branding
• Concerns over security of chain of custody
• Facing scarcity and price fluctuations of materials to produce new drives

Our approach

• Prove to customer workable solutions through Teleplan’s unique engineering capabilities
• Demonstrated through history of other similar programs
• Certification process through customer chosen third party

Our Tele-made solution

• Properly removed OEM firmware and IP and replace it with generic firmware
• Converted the drives into Teleplan’s own branded Vivetronic drives, including new labels, new serial numbers, and Teleplan’s brand replacing OEM label
• Used our in-house developed Proteus to completely erase data to NIST 800.88 standard
• Implemented a process by which GPS units and the data containing devices are sealed into the containers. The containers could be tracked through GPS around the world, and the sealed containers could only be opened at origin and final destination

The outcomes

• The rebranding and processing of the drives allowed for reuse and extended lifecycle of around 3-5 years, versus recycling completely after one cycle.
• Circularity also achieved through the proper tracking of recycled components from failed drives
• Significant increase in revenue recovered. Teleplan’s
• solution generates high 7 figure revenue each year
• Selected to present solution at client’s partner conference party

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