Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)

set top box repair

Set top boxes, modems, routers and other customer premises equipment are a growing industry and the after-market care is of ever increasing importance for these devices. As with any leased goods, many of these devices suffer errors and defects either organically or through misuse and accidents. Through our suite of services including testing and repair we help extend the lifecycle of these devices, maximizing value return for our operator and OEM customers.

Our solution provide many benefits including new buy avoidance, reduced servicing costs and helps our customers maintain margin control in light of Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) pressures. The efficiency of our solutions can increase the Net Promoter Score (NPS) for our customers and helps avoid unnecessary subscriber churn.

Teleplan’s services are also supported by through our set top box tester solution for advanced AV analysis. This can detect faults that are not always identified through a manual test process. Features include full function testing of all A/V outputs, custom A/V reference stream, video quality analysis and sophisticated A/V switch controls each interface.


Our testing helps eliminate ‘False NFF’s’ meaning no faulty units are returned to the end user, reducing customer dissatisfaction and churn as well as improving operational efficiency. Our objective test solution eliminates the errors associated with manual testing whilst increasing speed of testing by up to 16x. This in turn reduces labor costs.

For modems we also use a class leading test platform in order to optimize the solutions we provide for our customers.

The refurbishment of devices including glass polishing, cleaning, respraying and component replacement has allowed many companies to redeploy units in a ’like new’ condition, helping new buy avoidance, reducing carbon footprint and increasing their useful life.

Further services from Teleplan include parts management, kitting and repacking and where required, the repurposing of devices in to new markets or if beyond economic repair, the controlled recycling of parts.

Our latest innovation Titan 2 tests modem and gateways as well as set-top box and includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth testing. For more information on Titan 2 click here

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