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Hard drive repair

Hard disk drives (HDD) and Solid State Drives (SSD) are often overlooked as a source of value due to the complexities of assured data wipe and repair. Our end-to-end solutions help our customers recover maximum value from their used HDDs, second hand HDDs, recertified HDDs and white label HDDs.

Much of this recovery is through utilising Proteus our high quality specialist in-house developed full function testing, soft repair and data wipe solution for HDD and SSD. Proteus is easy to use, allowing labor effort to be kept low.

Proteus is available in a number of different configurations including single, 4, 8 and 32 slot variances to meet the different needs of each customer with SAS, SATA and legacy options available. Proteus can be used for computing, enterprise, PVR and external drives. It provides full data cleansing and sanitation as well as testing.


One of the main worries of HDD and SSD recovery is effective data wipe as end users are wary of data leaks. Teleplan takes its responsibility in this area very seriously and provides secure physical product handling as well as data deletion. Proteus complies with both the US Department of Defence and Infosec Standard 5 to ensure complete data destruction. We also provide a full data verification report for added peace of mind. Proteus is certified by the Asset Disposal and Information Security Alliance (ADISA).

We also have the option to white label drives and where required, utilise our extensive knowledge and resell channels to get the maximum return for our customers.

We have built up a large global knowledge of the HDD/SSD market and through our expertise in this area we are able to resell through recognised established channels. We also partner with professional recyclers for effective controlled HDD recycling.

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