Teleplan’s experience provides Value recovery and fully visible compliance for data center equipment


Our client

  • Corporations that rely heavily on a data center to run their business model

Client’s challenge

  • How to decommission
  • How to attain secure data integrity/erasure
  • How to remain compliant
  • How to recover maximum value
  • How to manage chain of custody
  • How to attain full product visibility through the reverse logistics cycle

Our approach

Teleplan entered the data center solutions silo addressing all these concerns ensuring:

  • Utilization of our global footprint
  • A combination of our decommissioning skills & technical capability
  • Use of our inhouse developed technologies

Our Tele-made solution

  • Decommissioning using our Proteus data erasure solution, our in-house and third-party engineering capabilities, and our onsite scanning and receiving software, and deliver this complete solution almost anywhere globally.
  • Data erasure of the hard drives to NIST 800.88 standards approved by Kroll
  • Recycling compliance addressed by our certifications through R2, ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, WEEE, and many others regionally
  • Maximizing value at every step, from rebranding to reuse, to repair for resale and parts/components harvesting
  • Highest value return through our years of involvement on a global basis in the secondary/reuse market
  • Live GPS and online visibility
  • Reverse cycle visibility

The outcomes

  • Full chain of custody throughout entire process
  • Increased revenues for customers
  • Certified data erasure
  • Improved environmental footprint through reuse of equipment

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