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Our educational white papers are shared to provide insight and guidance on various relevant issues within the After Market Services industry.

The Circular Economy is fundamentally altering the definition of “new equipment”. So what can be done to accelerate the change of attitude in the market towards so-called ‘used electronics equipment’?

In 2015, the majority of people worldwide who bought a car opted for a pre-owned vehicle while less than 5% who purchased a smartphone chose not to buy new. With “re-use” a central aspect of a Circular Economy, Teleplan looks into some of the challenges associated with purchasing used electronic equipment, and solutions to overcome them for both buyers and sellers.

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Assessment on the impact of changing consumer rights legislation on AMS

Trillions of transactions take place throughout the world every day with each having both a buyer and a seller. To protect buyers around the world there are numerous consumer laws and regulations. Should there be the need for these to be enforced due to an infringement of the rules, they can be in a number of different ways, including through the courts if necessary. There is also sometimes a ‘moral’ law where a company or individual may reimburse, swap or replace goods or services as they feel it is the right thing to do…..

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